Bowls experts share their skills

THOSE interested in becoming umpires and bowlers interested in obtaining a better understanding of the rules, be at Yaralla Sports Club on October 24 at 9.30am.

A seminar will be organised by Ailsa Hare who is a level 2 Bowls Australia umpire, and she will be assisted by umpire Sonya Heaney.

All bowlers are welcome to attend and are invited to bring along your rule book and questions.

Umpires are very important people to have at all games, both competition and social, where their knowledge and skills are often called upon to adjudicate points disputed.

I have always found the more you understand the finer points of the game, the more you can enjoy and appreciate the skills required to play the more difficult shots.

The time these officials put in to assist voluntarily, especially two or three day events, is not always appreciated.

They will always patiently explain their decisions but certainly do not deserve the aggesssive attitude and rudeness the tiny minority display when the decisions do not go their way. There is always room for more bowlers to train as umpires. Lady Past Presidents have organised their break up event at the Marina on November 19 at 10.30am for morning tea and lunch at Sailors.

1770 Bowls Club CONGRATULATIONS to 1770 Bowls Club for successfully promoting junior bowls. Children from Ag nes Water State School will attend 1770 Bowls Club during the last term of the school year to be coached and play bowls.

No doubt some will display potential and continue with the game of lawn bowls.

Thanks to the Queensland Government's Gambling Community Benefit Fund for a grant of $1035.

There will be five new sets of junior bowls available for the junior bowlers.

Here's hoping other clubs and schools will take this promotion as an inspiration and begin promotions in earnest. I have no doubt there will be prompt liaison with the other junior bowers.

Email liaison officer Arthur Sugden at ajs25@dnet, Shirley Metcalfe is Club Singles Champion for 2005 after defeating Barbara Kirkwood 25-5.

The mixed semi final results were: John Fraser, Ken Austin, Peter Spillane, Peter Spillaine and Rick Weir won over Bill Toomey, Ed Homer, Bill Little and Stephanie Fraser 21-16.

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