Book in kids six months ahead

By NATALIE IF YOU HAVE a child under the age of three it is recommended that you enlist your child six months in advance at child care centres in Gladstone.

With more than 17,000 Australians on the child care waiting list, Gladstone centres are also finding the demand difficult to meet. Port City Kids' Cass Brown said parents should contact the centre six months before putting their child into day care.

She said this was not to say it would take this long, but there was that possibility.

'It really depends on the demand at the time,' she said.

'Because of the age group there is limited positions we can fill. There are vacancies and al-ways are for kindergarten to preschoolers but the kids under three certainly is the demand.

'In kindergarten to pre-schoolers we can have more kids to the one carer, whereas with the babies we are unable to.'

An ABC Learning Centre spokesperson said every year changes, depending on enrolments. "The only way parents can find out is to call and our centres will try and find vacancies,' she said.

'The demands vary year to year, not only in Gladstone but in child care centres around Australia.'

She said they had six different centres in Gladstone and it was mainly the under threes where they had position shortages.

'It's mainly the babies to toddler age which is the issue, but for all the kids older there are plenty of positions available,' she said.

'It literally changes on a day- to-day basis, but we are encouraging parents to get in early for the younger ones.'

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