Blood donor campaign runs again


IN THESE uncertain times, let's be ready. This is the message of a new blood donation campaign being driven across Queensland leading up to Christmas.

Gladstone blood service manager Lesley Mason said usually blood donations came in boom/bust cycles, with most residents rolling up their sleeves during the festive season.

'Usually around Christmas there is a boom which puts pressure on services and then after that it dies off,' Ms Mason said.

As a result the new campaign aims to create a regular continuous supply of blood to ensure there is enough supply all year around.

'If everyone just donated a regular amount, we could cover all areas, instead of the pressure that comes with the boom/bust scenario,' Ms Mason said.

Ms Mason said they needed about 80 units of blood ? which had not recently been forthcoming.

'It has dropped off a little at the moment,' Ms Mason said.

'That's partly because of the time of year, the end of year is of course a busy time for everyone.'

According to statistics from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, currently only one in three Australians give blood regularly, but one in three people will need blood or blood products at some time during their lives.

'We have a core of donors who are there for us at all times, which is good but we need more people to help on a regular basis,' Ms Mason said.

Last year The Observer ran the Target 500 aimed at boosting local blood supplies, which was well received by locals and resulted in more than 500 donations in five weeks.

This year The Observer will run a similar campaign.

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