Beach transforms for Aussie celebrations

A SANDY sleepy dragon uncurled himself and camels wandered along Tannum Sands foreshore yesterday morning.

The beach and the esplanade were transformed yesterday as part of Cal- liope Shire's Australia Day cele- brations.

While the celebrations were a little early, the date didn't worry the crowds.

Hundreds turned out for the day and children were spinning from ac- tivity to activity on their last day of holidays.

Children and parents alike were amazed by the sand sculpture of a dragon that appeared before their eyes on Tannum Sands beach under the hands of a Byron Bay sandologist.

Ten-year-old Marie Morris, start- ing Year 6 today, had never seen any- thing like the dragon sand sculpture.

"It looks like something was magi- cally pulled up ? it looked alive,'' Marie said.

The kite displays, some by Tan- num Sands couple Baz and Gill Thrower, delighted many of the chil- dren including six-year-old Cameron and three-year-old Angus Smith.

Mum, Abi Smith, said she and hus- band Dave had spent many years in Kenya and Scotland before settling in Tannum Sands in 2000.

"It's got the best of everything ? it's a great place to bring up kids,'' Mrs Smith said.

She said they considered them- selves nearly Australians and would embrace Australia Day with a few drinks and a barbecue.

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