Andrew works to world standard


NRG APPRENTICE Andrew Patrick has used his electrical knowledge to work his way through to the Australian World Skills Competition in Melbourne next year.

The third-year apprentice has been classed as one of the best in our region.

He completed year 12 in 2002 and always intended to gain an electrical apprenticeship.

He said NRG was the first job he applied for.

'I've always been interested in the electrical area, and find it a very versatile industry,' he said.

Andrew said the job allowed him to work in various areas of the plant, and gain a variety of new skills.

He said he entered the World Skill Competition to test his knowledge and improve his career.

'The World Skills Competition allows me to challenge my electrical skills, while also hav-ing something to place on my resume,' he said.

'The competition shows that I am working towards extending my knowledge and experience that I can utilise when I finish my apprenticeship.'

He said during the selection competition he was required to wire a control circuit which simulated two conveyor belt systems.

'I was pleased with my performance and the competition allowed me to challenge my knowledge and skill of the industry,' he said.

'It was certainly worthwhile.'

NRG public relations officer Gary Macnamara said: 'The World Skills Competition is conducted every two years and provides an excellent opportunity for apprentices to showcase their skills.'

Mr Macnamara said during the competition the participants were given a task to complete.

'Two NRG apprentices received a placing,' he said.

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