Accused evaded police questions

A GLADSTONE man accused of rape wasn't upfront with police about the incident because he was embarrassed about cheating on his girlfriend.

The tapes of a police interview with Hoane Joseph Kahu last year were played before Gladstone District Court yesterday detailing his recollections from the night of the incident.

Kahu and his cousin visited a number of venues in the central business district (CBD) on the night of the incident, March 5. Kahu drank beer and spirits.

Kahu had to leave one venue after he argued with his girlfriend.

The accused said he and the victim, who was wearing a pink dress, met in the CBD after she said hello.

"We started talking,'' Kahu said in the interview. "She was giving me signals.

"She was just smiling. "Like she was interested ? know what I mean.

"I got with her . . . at the old post office.''

He denied raping the victim and said he didn't know she was 15-years-old at the time.

A piece of paper with the girl's number was produced about one month later but handwriting experts couldn't confirm either way if it was the accused's handwriting.

A doctor who examined the victim gave evidence that the injuries did not indicate either way whether sex was consensual or not.

The trial continues today.

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