OVER the last few months Gladstone has been treated to more than its fair share of politicians turning up to spruik their wares to voters in Flynn.

We've had a deputy prime minister, the opposition leader, ministers from various portfolios, the shadow treasurer and even the former brick with eyes, Senator Glenn Lazarus.

Clearly the number crunchers in Canberra think something is up in Gladstone.


CORE VALUES: If you vote for the ALA, this is what you will be getting. Photo Declan Cooley / The Observer
CORE VALUES: If you vote for the ALA, this is what you will be getting. Photo Declan Cooley / The Observer Declan Cooley

Recent polls have indicated the race could be close, with just yesterday the Coalition taking a narrow lead.

But regardless of what happens in the lower house, and whether sitting MP Ken O'Dowd retains his seat or loses it to the Labor candidate Zac Beers, to pass any legislation, like reintroducing a carbon tax, it has to be ticked off by the Senate.

And that's where the newly formed and relatively unknown Australian Liberty Alliance comes into play, as well as a whole host of other micro parties.

Chelle Dobson --- who lives in Gympie and is one of three ALA candidates in Queensland eying off a seat in the Senate --- pulled into town last night and will stay until tomorrow to speak with voters.

Although Ms Dobson says the ALA is a conservative party, it has been labelled as a far right wing party because of its stance on refugees, Muslims, mosques, multiculturalism, same sex marriage and repealing anti-discrimination laws.

Would you vote for the Australian Liberty Alliance?

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But today at East Shores Ms Dobson said there was much more to the ALA than what was usually reported in the media.

She wants a better deal for regional and rural areas, and is tired of the major parties "handballing" important issues between each other.

"I think we will be successful if we focus on the Australian people and what they want," Ms Dobson said.

"I'm not going to sit here and say I'm competing with Pauline Hanson."

"The ALA is a movement for average Australians who are not radicals, haters or stirrers. It's for those who are sincere and concerned about the direction of Australia. We are pro family and pro Australian," she said.

Of course, though, high on the ALAs agenda is stopping refugees, especially Muslim refugees, from coming to Australia.

She believes Islam is not compatible with western styled democracy and the government should be spending more money on getting unemployed Australians living in rural and regional areas jobs.

You can meet Ms Dobson at Spinnaker Park tomorrow at Midday for a barbeque.

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