Anna choice for Gladstone

SHOCKED, stunned and almost blown away was what Anna Pugh was feeling when she was announced as the Gladstone winner for Miss Country Girl Australia 2010.

Ms Pugh was crowned after ousting 18 other girls for the top prize but was closely followed by Charley Bond and Marsalie Howard who were named as the runners-up.

“I was really shocked to win. I was not expecting a place at all,” Ms Pugh said.

Having been nominated by her boss she was not planning to enter the competition but is now looking forward to what lies ahead in Sydney.

“I was just really happy to get a place and as I am planning for a career in event management it was good experience for what is to come.”

Ms Pugh has never really seen modelling as a career but has always enjoyed fashion shows and events.

“I have never really looked at modelling as a future career or profession but I have enjoyed performing in fashion shows such as Southertons but never really for myself.”

With the national finals only a couple of months away Ms Pugh is putting in a lot of time practising her walk, exercising and making sure she stays in shape for the big event.

“It was all just good fun and I am going to work on looking after myself and my confidence for next time.”


First place: Anna Pugh; 19

Second place: Charley Bond; 15

Third place: Marsalie Howard: 17

Special mention: Tyra Johnannes; 10

Special mention: Hannah Edwards; 10

Special mention: Shontae Tramacchi; 10

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