Animals left homeless after cyclone given a hand

THEY are the refugees of Cyclone Marcia, scavenging through people's rubbish.

The good news is, possums and other wildlife that have lost their habitats as a result of fierce weather have a friend in Australia Pacific LNG and wildlife advocacy groups.

Wildlife Rockhampton rescue co-ordinator Svetlana Jones welcomed the recent truckloads of donated nesting boxes with open arms.

The wooden boxes were sitting idly onsite at the Curtis Island APLNG facility with no purpose.

This week, possums, gliders and birdlife will move in to their new homes.

"People don't realise that wildlife don't want to be moving into your homes, roofs and verandas," she said.

"These animals are now homeless and are just looking for somewhere to live. Because of Cyclone Marcia we have lost a lot of the hollow trees that these animals need."

The 90 boxes have been placed in critical areas across Central Queensland.

Among the dozens of callouts the rescue service have received in the past few weeks, one of the more unusual came from a different rescue service - the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service team.

Kirsty Wooler from the helicopter service said while they welcomed all members of the community, a possum dubbed Marcia was not the gracious guest they were accustomed to.

"We did have our own little friend - Marcia, a girl," she said.

"A bit cagey, didn't have a civil aviation clearance, wasn't interested in fundraising and gave us all the feeling that we were being watched.

"We didn't really have a place on our team for someone with that sort of profile."

While 90 possums, owls, cockatoos and gliders now have new homes, there are more that still need help.

Email to inquire about helping out.

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