Police woman kneed in the groin, angry mum walks free

A FEMALE police officer was kneed in the groin by a mum who was "anxious" after officers arrested her teenage daughter.

Sandra Hanson also threw a chocolate milk drink at an Ipswich police beat office door.

Sandra Gaylene Hanson, 49, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates' Court to two counts of obstructing police on September 12, 2017, committing serious public nuisance, and serious assault of a police officer.

Police prosecutor Branson Ballard said the serious assault was significant as Hanson had lacerated an officer's arm and kneed her in the groin.

"She was very uncooperative and imprisonment is within range," he said.

The court heard Hanson had been asked to leave the police beat foyer because of her poor behaviour and language and that she had kneed the officer in her groin when told she was under arrest for a public nuisance offence.

A second officer came to her aid and Hanson was handcuffed and taken to the police watch-house.

Medical reports on Hanson were submitted by defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough.

"It is indicative there was some mental health conditions in play at the time," Mr Fairclough said.

"The report (shows) post-traumatic stress.

"She has been prescribed a lot of different medications for different conditions.

"At the time, her daughter had been taken into custody and she was quite anxious.

"She felt at the time she was not being treated with consideration.

"She felt she should be there (with her duaghter) at the police station and became upset and quite irritated."

The court was told Hanson also suffers epilepsy.

"She accepts she was being a nuisance," Mr Fairclough said.

"Her behaviour was somewhat out of character. She is not young and you could say she should know better."

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said her history was unremarkable with no offences for violence.

However, she said the assault on a female officer was an extraordinary reaction and a quite significant physical assault.

Hanson was sentenced to three months' jail - immediately suspended for 12 months.

She was also fined $500.

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