USER-FRIENDLY: The boat ramp at Bray Park is more accommodating for the Boyne Tannum Hookup now it is wider.
USER-FRIENDLY: The boat ramp at Bray Park is more accommodating for the Boyne Tannum Hookup now it is wider.

Anglers sure to get wet this weekend as low comes in

WELL, once again this weekend is almost out of the question for boating unless you stick with the very sheltered waterways and don't mind getting wet.

Over the weekend the predictions are for the wind to pick up to +35 knots, seas to over 3m (and that's just the swell) plus goodness only knows how much on top of that.

And it's going to rain and rain with that tropical depression coming closer to the coast.

Sunday and Monday also are forecast to be very wet.

We are now into the first quarter of the lunar phase where the tidal movement isn't huge, and in fact on Saturday morning there is less than a metre difference between low and high tide in the afternoon.

Pity the big fella feels as though we need some rain because if it was going to be nice those Reds in the deep water would be thinned out a tad.

They will survive to see another bait!

On the local front I see that the Bray Park boat ramp has been widened somewhat to cope with the upcoming Boyne Tannum HookUp.

There is always a major traffic jam at this ramp over the weekend of the event and, to be honest, we really do need another one either upgraded or built.

Constructing a boat ramp isn't an easy thing though as the correct angle of the decent needs to be just right for the boat to slide off the trailer, not too step that the normal family car can't pull the retrieved boat and trailer out of the water and more importantly that there is enough water to launch the boat when the tide is low.

One old boat ramp which is pretty knackered is the one opposite mangrove Jacks, or MJ's at Boyne Island.

The old concrete of this ramp is pretty busted up, but I'm sure if the Dept of Transport were to rip out the old one and put a new one down then it'd get used, heaps!

The one over on Tannum Sands on the end of Riverside Drive was an old natural ramp years ago where the water would swirl around the corner from upstream and gouge out the bank and keep it pretty clean.

The design they have put there now is good, but for some reason it silts up - something to do with design.

Boat ramps can be a bone of contention though with some as many forget the etiquette required for their harmonious operation.


Start and run your outboard, or stern drive, before you leave home.

If you are approaching the ramp turn your headlights off.

If you are using the ramp turn your headlights off.

Ensure that your boat is ready to float off the trailer, so don't load it up while on the ramp!

Quickly, and efficiently, start the boat, and back it off the trailer moving it to a safe place to park, and someone else to move the vehicle off the ramp, for someone else to use.


Organise all your gear in the boat while under way returning to the ramp area.

Pull up, and drop off someone to pick up the car and trailer, and then reverse clear of the ramp.

Once the boat is on the trailer, pull it clear of the ramp, and well away from other activity.

Only then can you take your time to remove the bung, lower the aerials, and rods, or bikini top.

The secret, folks, is not to tie up the ramp for too long. We know you don't like waiting for others, so don't be like them.

I have to admit I haven't seen too many blues at the ramps in this region, but I have been seen to shake my head at some of the reversing skills.

If you see someone trying but not being very successful at it, for goodness sake help them out! I'm sure you will be thanked for it.

This next few days there will only be barra, bream, grunter, and salmon caught but watch out for all this fresh to wash the whole region down.

Only then will it really change the ecosystem for a little while.

Presents as a pretty good opportunity to learn a few different techniques, which is one thing that inspires the likes of Johnny Mitchell so much.

I see on one of his posts while instructing one of his clients on a certain technique they caught two barra while perfecting it.

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