Australian Survivor contestant Andrew Torrens.
Australian Survivor contestant Andrew Torrens. Channel 10

Australian Survivor's Andrew admits he was out-smarted

ANDREW Torrens admits he was out-smarted on Australian Survivor.

The Brisbane marketing executive was blind sided by his elimination from the reality show tonight after boasting he was the 'puppet master' of his tribe, Vavau.

"I thought I was in control of the tribe. I thought I was the puppet master controlling the strings," Mr Torrens, 29, told APN.

"I wasn't really aware of how much, socially, the tide had turned against me. I didn't realise Kristie and Phoebe were running around saying I was the rat. I didn't realise they'd picked up on it."

Despite claiming he had a "Ferrari" brain for the show's strategy element, Mr Torrens was out-manoeuvred by yoga instructor Kate Campbell.

"I saw Kate as someone who was just sitting back, managing things around camp," he said.

"I didn't see Kate as someone who was playing a strategic game at all, so for her to turn it around like that I take my hat off to her; good on her."

Ms Campbell was able to turn his tribe mates against him thanks to his underwhelming performances in recent challenges, during which the contestants earn rewards like food and immunity.

"If I had the time again... I'd get a lot fitter and prepare for the challenges," he said.

"That was something I felt was a weakness of mine and it was hard to keep deflecting that heat. I'd still be that cocky person to the camera though."

Mr Torrens tips Sunshine Coast-raised Craig I'Anson as the strongest player left in his beleaguered Vavau tribe, which has lost the past three immunity challenges.

"I think Craig is playing a very good game. He's done a fantastic job of ingratiating himself socially with people," he said.

"If you gave me $100 to put on a bet then I'd put my money on Craig. If he gets to that merge (of the two tribes) and can physically dominate those challenges then people will follow him."

Australian Survivor continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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