Nine News Melbourne anchor Peter Hitchener was in the middle of his 6pm live bulletin when he suddenly became unwell and had to be replaced by another newsreader.

The popular broadcaster, 75, was seen taking a deep breath and falling silent as he tried to read out the day's headlines.

Clint Stanaway quickly took over the nightly coverage, saying: "Welcome back to Nine News, Peter Hitchener just feeling a little unwell but we do press on."

Viewers were concerned about Hitchener's condition with the hashtag #getwellhitch trending on Twitter.

"Oh my god is anyone watching 9 news,,???,?? PETER HITCHENER ARE YOU OKAY," one person asked.

"Hope Peter Hitchener is okay.. that was awful to watch," added another, while one viewer said they were "really upset".

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"Can someone please replace Peter Hitchener for the rest of the night and make sure the king is OK? Worried about him!!!" another posted.

"Just saw Peter Hitchener replaced reading the 9 news as unwell. Hope all is well as you couldn't meet a nicer person," said a third.





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Shortly after, 9News Melbourne issued a statement saying Hitchener had experienced a migraine and was resting but expected to return tomorrow.

"While reading tonight's bulletin of 9News, Peter Hitchener experienced a migraine," said the statement. "He is now resting and we expect to see him back on deck tomorrow night. He is grateful for everyone's concern."

The news anchor himself then took to social media to thank concerned viewers for their well wishes.

"Thanks so much for your well wishes... I am feeling better already. I am most grateful for your support," he wrote an hour after his bulletin.

One viewer said the news anchor was like Melbourne's dad "we all just really love and care about him so much".




Originally published as Anchor taken off air during live bulletin

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