'A bit cheeky': Pollie happy to nab crucial Gladstone town

A WOBBLY future of uncertain plans could hit Calliope if electorate changes are put in full motion.

Former deputy premier Jeff Seeney said it is too early to suggest future plans for Calliope, which could be included in Mr Seeney's Callide electorate if the Queensland Redistribution Commission's shake-up of electorates throughout the state is finalised.

"It's a little early yet to be suggesting anyone has any plans for new electorates," Mr Seeney said.

"There's a whole process ... it's very difficult to maintain the argument of community interest."

Mr Seeney said people were still coming to terms with the decisions and were unsure what it meant for everyone involved.

"Everyone's scratching their heads in a whole range of situations, trying to work out what it means and how it will affect their representations," he said.

"We have to deal with umpire's decision. There's not much point speculating about what could have been or should have been, that's what was ruled."

With boundaries not set to change until the next election, Mr Seeney said the new regions will be difficult to represent efficiently.

"It will be very difficult to represent adequately ... simply because of distances involved," he said.

"(Calliope) would be a whole lot better represented, that's being a bit cheeky."

NEW MEMBER? Callide MP Jeff Seeney, the former deputy premier, could soon represent Calliope.
NEW MEMBER? Callide MP Jeff Seeney, the former deputy premier, could soon represent Calliope. Greg Miller

Mr Seeney said although he was unsure of the town's future plans, he would focus on integrating the community with the new community leaders.

The former deputy premier said his focus was with the three major issues including roads, health services and education.

"We will take our focus and take our time with three big focuses," he said.

"I'm aware of the issue with the high school in Calliope, we're very well aware of it."

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Having been to Calliope "a million times", Mr Seeney said it was a lovely little town with lots of new houses and a great new intersection.

"I'm very familiar with the area," he said.

"All my life I've played by the umpire's decision and I learnt a long time ago not to question the umpire's decision.

"So that's the case here, we all play by the umpire's decision."

The final determination of the boundaries will be done on May 26.

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