Scores of people have died in America because of gun violence.
Scores of people have died in America because of gun violence. Nev Madsen

An open letter to America: Right now, you just look silly

DEAR America,

I remember a time when the name of your country meant something. Really meant something.

Ah America, the legend.

Hollywood movies and stars were where it was at culturally and politically your reputation was that of a global giant.

Heck, you had your controversies, myriad in fact, but you could always bounce back on your good name and reputation.

You were, after all, America.

But, things have really started to fall apart, and I fear no one is explaining this to you in enough detail.

In not very long, China will supersede you in the military sphere.

According to Business Insider, with a population of 1.3 billion to draw from, more than four times as much as the population of the US, China has more than 2.3 million in active service, with an additional 1.1 million as reserves and military police.

Indeed, even NBC recently reported that the high-tech nature of China's ever-increasing military might is a direct threat to your international clout.

What then?

For this long, you've been kind of okay... because who will challenge you?

And yes, your economy is doing okay right now, and that's a good thing.

But you really need to take a look at yourself as a country, as a government with a gung-ho approach to how you deal with the world, and your own people because nothing lasts forever.

America, we have always been there for you - we're global friends and have been for a very long time.

That's why you need to know that by refusing to back down on easy access to guns, you're looking... well... a little silly, from one friend to another, of course.

Australia has been the example time and time again as to why gun control works.

The cost of gun control has been estimated to set you back about $13 billion, but what price is a life worth?

When it came to hunting down Osama Bin Laden following the terror attacks on the World Trade Centre, you dished out around $3 trillion to avenge 2996 lives taken tragically - and so you should have, because what price is there on life?

So why not chuck in another $13 billion to avenge the 1.4 million people killed by guns in the US between 1968 and 2011?

Now, I'd rather chew my own foot off than get into contentious discussions with strangers on Facebook at the best of times, but seeing a post from one of your very own Americans stating that guns are not an issue in the US, but attitudes, I couldn't help but question why your people feel the need to have access to powerful weapons.

Many reasons were given as to why guns aren't "bad"... such as the old "guns don't kill people" line and the "we have a right to bear arms" chestnut, too.

So rather than being told why having a gun isn't a bad thing, I decided to ask why the general public having easy access to firearms was a good thing.

The only answer was that they provide protection from other people with guns.

America, you have yourself in a loop where there are so many guns that your people feel they need guns just to be safe and so the cycle continues.

It's time to break it, America, it's time to step up.

You have a massive problem with a simple solution and you're not listening.

The world is watching and it's time to listen.

If, someday, you can't keep charming the world, you'll at least want to know you were there for your own people.

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