"The Camp" at Wandoan Windmill Village Contributed

Amputee suing accommodation complex for more than $800k

A THANGOOL man with a prosthetic leg has filed a law suit for more than $800,000 against a national company for failing provide a safe workplace.

Clifford Radke, now 72, has an above knee prosthetic left leg that allows him to walk around freely.

He was working as a truck driver, employed by another company, however as part of his employee benefits, stayed at Wandoan Windmill Village (the camp).

Mr Radke had stayed in single accommodation units at the camp several times before and site owners, ISS Facility Services, was aware of his disability.

On May 3, 2016, Mr Radke returned to his unit after a day of work in the gas fields where he had a shower.

Mr Radke said as he was drying himself with a towel, he felt a loss of traction on the floor and put his left hand on the wall to try to maintain balance.

Court documents claim his hand slipped, which caused him to fall and his shoulder hit the wall of the shower, landing across the shower chair.

Is it claimed Mr Radke sustained very extensive tears and injuries to parts of his shoulder and tendons, were treated surgically and an inflamed shoulder.

It is also claimed there was a re-rupture of his rotator cuff tendons during post-surgery rehabilitation which had to be treated surgically again.

The injury also allegedly caused aggravation to pre-existing conditions and complication of falls due to imbalance with a left arm in a sling and a prosthetic left leg and depressed mood.

Mr Radke said he could no longer secure full time work.

Documents were lodged to the Supreme Court of Rockhampton on May 2, by Chris Trevor and Associates solicitors on behalf of Clifford Radke against ISS Facility Services Australia Limited.

The defendant of this claim, ISS Facility Services Australia Limited, are the occupier and manager of the camp.

The document claims ISS Facility Services owed a duty of care to take reasonable precautions against foreseeable risks of harm to any persons using the camp.

It is claimed that ISS Facility Services were negligent in failing to install hand rails and didn't provide non-slip shower chairs.

The court claim requests a compensation for damages to the amount of $836, 670. 60.

ISS Facility Services Australia Limited are yet to file a defence.

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