ALP branch resigns

THE Australian Labor Party Port Curtis and Hinterland Branch committee has walked out on the Queensland Labor Party.

In another sign Premier Anna Bligh is losing her grip on the leadership, the entire committee of the ALP Port Curtis and Hinterland Branch resigned in disgust yesterday due to their dissatisfaction in the way the party operates.

Former president of the branch Phil Golby told The Observer yesterday the ALP had moved too far away from its origins, the working man's party, to become a conservative organisation bowing down to every whim of big business and major mining companies.

“The State Government's decision to privatise our public assets is one issue that is close to our hearts here in Central Queensland,” Mr Golby said.

“We believe that this goes against the party platform and the wishes of the Labor faithful.

“The contempt shown by Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser towards the Queensland public is a complete travesty to the democratic processes that the Labor Party is supposed to uphold.”

Speculation about the Queensland Labor leadership has been rife after six seats were lost at the federal election, signalling a statewide revolt against Labor.

Mr Golby said branch members believed conservative forces within the Labor Party had an agenda that was not in the interest of ordinary, working Australians.

“The disgusting treatment of the Queensland health workers through the pay debacle is to say the least an embarrassment and ranks amongst the worst case of mismanagement that this State has ever seen,” Mr Golby said.

“The blatant lack of concern by the Premier and her minister was and to this day remains to be an utter disgrace.

“As a branch we have worked tirelessly to have Labor candidates elected, one of our proudest moments was the election of the first federal member for the seat of Flynn.

“One of our saddest moments was the loss of that same member after one term, which we believe was the direct result of the asset sales.”

Mr Golby said it was a sad day for all people concerned as we hold the traditional Labor values close to our collective hearts. “We can no longer support a party that continues to disappoint, let down and insult the intelligence of Queensland workers.”

The Observer requested a response from the Premier, but her department failed to respond.

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