The current track through Deepwater National Park.
The current track through Deepwater National Park. Chris Lees

All levels of government want road from Agnes to Baffle Creek

MORE detailed costings and community consultation are the next steps in the Baffle Creek to Agnes Water connection road debate.

Gladstone Region Mayor, Matt Burnett and deputy Chris Trevor met with their state and federal counterparts on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

"All of us who attended that meeting ... were of the view that we should have a road from Agnes to Baffle from a connectivity point of view, but we also need it for quicker access for doctors, emergency services, tourism potential, commercial activities and other necessaries of life," Cr Trevor said.

"Whether we go through the National Park or Maude Hill on Anderson Way is still to be decided."

Cr Trevor said the council received support from both levels of politics to look at funding for either option.

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There has been opposition to upgrading the current 4WD road through the national park, and cost has been cited as an impediment to a new road.

Cr Trevor said the issue was likely to be brought up at the next council meeting in Agnes Water on August 1.

"We're happy to do that so they're fully appraised and consulted," he said. "There will be a bit more number crunching to be done."

Member for Burnett, Stephen Bennett said he was pleased to be part of a frank discussion with local and federal government counterparts to continue the dialogue in connecting the Baffle Creek and Agnes Water communities.

"It's really important that we continue these open conversations to ensure the best possible outcome for these communities," he said.

"Connectivity between the communities remains a priority, but the community is clearly still divided.

"There are strong opinions from both sides and I respect where they are coming from. What we all need to do is focus on what is in the best interests for everyone.

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"I have always maintained that all levels of government need to work together on this important issue, including funding arrangements going into the future."

Federal Member for Flynn, Ken O'Dowd said the discussion was a "fruitful one".

"While I am supportive of progress in the area, it is essentially up to GRC and the State Government to come up with the best plan, taking into account the needs of the community and the National Park," he said.

"When the plan is ready, I will be all too happy to fight for federal funding for the project.

"I have no interest in imposing my will over which project is best and look forward to seeing State and Local Governments work together to form the plan."

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