Air Force jet's mystery visits to Gladstone

MYSTERY VISITS: The RAAF plane taking off from Gladstone airport around 3pm on Saturday.
MYSTERY VISITS: The RAAF plane taking off from Gladstone airport around 3pm on Saturday. Mike Richards GLA170617RAAF

AN RAAF jet's unusual behaviour is raising eyebrows among Gladstone plane spotters.

The Boeing 737 business jet, which is usually used to transport VIPs, has made a series of visits to Gladstone Airport over the past week.

The visits are short, often only a few hours, and the airport was unable to provide The Observer with any information.

The Australian Defence Force has not responded to requests for comment.

CQ Plane Spotting Blog editor Damian Freiberg has been tracking the progress of the plane across the country and said the unusual behaviour was also occurring at other airports.

"It's doing a lot of overshoots, some people call them missed approaches - coming down to land but not actually landing," he said.

"Obviously the plane's not carrying anyone important... sometimes (when they land) they don't even open the doors.

"We suspect that they're a series of training flights - it went south from Mackay on Thursday then went to Gladstone and the Gold Coast, flew up the coast on Friday and then did virtually the same thing (back down) on Saturday.

"You can't really miss it - you don't see too many 737s landing in Bundy or Gladstone. Only in election time."

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