FOR SALE: The church in Bororen has plenty of potential for interested buyers.
FOR SALE: The church in Bororen has plenty of potential for interested buyers.

Agent has faith that Bororen church will sell fast

THE sale of churches is quite rare in the Gladstone region but when one does pop up on the market, it's a case of first in best dressed.

A church on 17 Doogall St, Bororen, is for sale and has been on the market for a month. The 1012sq m allotment is priced at a $129,000 and is open to offers.

It's an old building but is in good condition and still going strong since its establishment in 1950. Cam Realty marketing consultant Bill Meade said the church was of decent value.

"At that price, it's spectacular. It's priced well below allotments in the area and is in good condition.

"It's a 40-minute drive to Gladstone so they (the potential buyer) could commute to work," he said.

The church is on a flat piece of land and is fully fenced making it a hot purchase for those interested.

"Doogall St is a main street and it's in a position where it could be used for retail business. The purpose of the property could be changed. People can just apply for a material change of use," he said.

And there is no shortage of curious people.

Mr Meade said he has received lots of interest from the public.

"Lots of people want to buy the building and put it on their own property and one person wants to buy the land. There's a lot of potential to spend a moderate amount of money and have a very nice property," he said.

So what is it about churches that interests buyers?

"I suppose churches are interesting and they sell quickly. I don't know what it is about churches but there's an atmosphere there, a sense of peace. There's something surreal about owning a church," Mr Meade said.