Silver foxes spray paint the town red

WITH a spray can in hand and a blank, brick canvas to work with, Byron Bay's Feros Silver Foxes have proven it's okay to make your mark by going bright and bold.

Channelling their inner youth, the group of seven buddying artists were given the freedom to make their mark, or in street language, tag a downtown wall, in all the name of getting creative.

Introducing the Feros Aged Care residents to graffiti during the Popped Festival was the innovation of local street artist Davey Mac.

The artists firstly attended a graffiti workshop before hitting the Byron Bay laneway for some real tagging action.

Stepping out of their comfort zone the artists were surprised at what they could create with a spray can in hand.

Ninety-six year old Jilil Richardson had the time of her life. "They are all really beautiful colours; beautiful expression. I love the lifestyle. I love to be amongst it because I have been living very quietly.

"The whole experience has been very rich for me."

Former architect Hugh Webster, 86, took bold to a new level. "I'm not growing old yet. I am heading that way, I suppose, but nowhere near", Hugh said.

With a spray can in each hand and a sparkle in his eyes, he asked the crowd of onlookers, "how bold do you want me to be?".

Another graffiti workshop is just around the corner. 

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