Anthony Dow, Lister Motors Gladstone.
Anthony Dow, Lister Motors Gladstone. Chrissy Harris

Advantage Tenheggeler

IT was a case of where there’s smoke, there’s fire for two local winch truck teams locked in a battle for second and third in the Winch Truck Challenge Central Queensland series.

The final round came to a conclusion in Rockhampton at Seone Park on the weekend.

Anthony Dow, who started the round on Saturday in the second position, had a fair mishap in the first stage with his never-say-die Nissan on its roof.

“I hit a couple of ruts in the road and it just pulled me up and just rolled straight onto its roof,” Dow said.

His chances of holding on to second place evaporated and opened the way for Troy Tenheggeler, who was in third place overall.

“It took two stages to get back on the track and by then it was too late to catch up,” Dow said.

Tenheggeler wasn’t without his own car issues, as locker fuses kept blowing, and a power steering leak and a stick caught in the extractors gave spectators some extra entertainment during the night stage as it went up in flames.

“We were stoked to finish second, we did consistent times and stayed at the pointy end of the field the whole time,” he said.

One of the organisers, Ian Davison, said the final round had been brilliant.

“The crowd was good, the trucks were good,” he said.

“Next year we’ll look at making the rules a bit clearer, and I think we’ll have up to 25 drivers.

“We averaged 16-18 each round, and down south they’re struggling to get 8-9.”

Dow and Tenheggeler are looking at holding a winch truck event at Lowmead in November.

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