Addictions blamed for jewellery thefts

STEALING jewellery and pawning it to feed a marijuana and drinking addiction left Cassandra Moore with a $500 fine.

Moore had moved into the house of the parents of her child's father, and when she moved out the parents realised gold rings and other items were missing.

The victims managed to locate the stolen items at Hippopotamus Pawnbrokers and Cash Converters, and identified them.

Police then obtained the items and charges were laid.

Moore's defence lawyer said she had suffered depression since she was 14 years old, and had fallen into a deadly spiral involving smoking marijuana and binge drinking.

"She is very remorseful of what she did and when she came out of the drunken stupor she realised the enormity of her actions," he said.

Magistrate Penelope Hay said Moore had difficult personal problems to overcome.

"Offences involving stealing from houses and fraud are serious," she said.

Magistrate Hay said she took into account the early plea and the lack of a criminal history during sentencing.

Moore was convicted and fined after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud - dishonestly obtaining property from another and one count of enter dwelling and commit indictable offence.

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