OPINION: No, Adani FIFO work isn't ideal. But it's better than nothing

NEWS that Adani will consider Gladstone workers for its new Carmichael Mine is certainly encouraging.

Adani has said it will be look to more local workers first in its construction stage but will then cast the net wider. This "wider" should include Gladstone.

>>'Jobs, jobs and more jobs': Adani search for CQ workers

While (FIFO) work isn't ideal, it is certainly better than no work at all. If it comes to pass that Gladstone workers will have to drive the hour or so to Rockhampton to then "fly out" to the Carmichael mine, then there will be many people willing to take this on.

>>Adani confirms Carmichael mine construction start date

We already have many FIFO workers in Gladstone, raising families, paying off mortgages and living their lives in our community when they get the chance to come home. FIFO workers from throughout Australia fly amazing distances to get to work, an hour to Rocky and a short flight could be worse.


While we are all aware of the problems with FIFO, the reality is most of these mines are in remote areas and there simply isn't the infrastructure, community or towns to support moving the family.

The Queensland Government has announced it will ban mine companies from employing only FIFO workers. This may work against Gladstone workers but more importantly if we do manage to get some FIFO work for Gladstone people, the government needs to ensure there are adequate support services. Being away from your family or your family having dad or mum away from them, isn't healthy.

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