Drug dealer blames unfaithful lover for his life of crime

A MINER who claimed his foray into the murky world of drugs on the Sunshine Coast was due to his partner's infidelities while he was working in Gladstone has pleaded guilty to a host of serious drug trafficking charges.

Shannon Lee Watt, 27, pleaded guilty to the charges after being arraigned on Thursday in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

The court heard that Watt involved himself in the trafficking of methamphetamines between May 17, 2012 and August 22, 2012, at Kings Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

The offences happened after he learnt his partner, who is the mother of his infant child, had cheated on him while he was working in Gladstone.

And when he was arrested he was found to have in his possession a quantity of the drug.

He pleaded guilty to that charge as well.

Watt was granted bail in September after telling the Brisbane Supreme Court that he was free from drugs now and realised he had hurt his family, friends and himself.

He had spent six months behind bars from the time of his arrest to subsequently being granted bail.

Justice Ann Lyons continued his strict bail conditions which included residing with his brother and work with the company that has offered him employment.

Watt will be sentenced on July 21 in relation to the drug trafficking and possession charges.

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