Man jailed for serial stalking of ex-partner

A MAN who obsessively stalked his ex-partner and showed indecent pictures to her underage daughter has been jailed for 15 months after pleading guilty to eight charges in Gladstone District Court on Tuesday.

Luke Benjamin Lovi, 28, admitted to repeatedly visiting his ex-partner, whose name has been withheld, numerous times and making hundreds of phone calls and abusive text messages to her.

On one occasion he walked into her house while she was showering, undressed and entered the shower.

Lovi then demanded to know if his ex-partner was having sex with other men and asked to examine her genitals. She was left in tears after the incident.

Later Lovi locked himself in a car with her and threatened to kill himself.

On another occasion he entered the house while the complainant was away and showed the woman's daughter two pictures of a naked male exposing his penis and one of her mother naked with her breast exposed.

Judge Brendan Butler said the act was intended to belittle the complainant.

He said the conduct was calculated to be abusive towards her and had the potential to rob the complainant of her daughter's respect.

Lovi was convicted of aggravated stalking, two counts of exposing a child under 16 to indecent photos and five charges of breeching a domestic violence order.

Lovi's 15 month jail term will be suspended after three months and he was also given two suspended jail terms of six months.

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