Abortion a difficult decision

ABORTION can be a difficult subject for many people due to pro-life and pro-choice battles emerging between differentiating views.

But abortion, like the morning after pill, is becoming more available to people across Australia.

Leading expert on abortion, associate professor Dr Heather Douglas from the University of Queensland, said the termination process was very difficult and was a decision that should be well considered.

"I think the decision to terminate a pregnancy can be very traumatic and a lot of thought should go into it," Dr Douglas said.

However, she said abortion was a necessary service and there could be a positive outcome.

Abortion is readily available in all states except Queensland, where it is illegal unless there are life-threatening circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.


Abortion Facts

There are two types of an abortion - medical and surgical.

A medical abortion can be performed up to nine weeks pregnant and has a 98% success rate.

Counselling is available to any woman who feels they need to discuss their situation or who may be unsure about their decision.

There will be minimal pain involved but it could include some cramping.

Abortion is a safe procedure.


Your Options

Continue the pregnancy and then adopt out or foster.

Terminate the pregnancy through abortion.

Take the morning after pill within the first 72 hours on unprotected sex.

Continue the pregnancy with a partner.

Continue the pregnancy on your own.

Seek help, advice and/or counselling from a medical professional.

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