A stampede of Lions camp at Discovery Centre

LIONS will be feasting in Ubobo tonight for the annual Lions Club Convention with 200 delegates from the Sunshine Coast, central Queensland and out to Longreach.

Miriam Vale, Boyne Island and Boyne Valley Lions Clubs are joint hosts of the Lions Convention at Ubobo Discovery Centre.

With one large marquee and 15 smaller marquees the members were busy yesterday getting prepared.

Boyne Island Lions Club president Ian Anderson expected 70 campsites would be set up; that's around 150 people and a further 45 in the Discovery Centre guest house.

"We have 200 reservations for dinner on Friday night and a further 200 on Saturday night," he said.

But the convention isn't just one big party as clubs from all over Lions District 201 Q4 will attend to some important business.

Tonight they have registration, a meet and greet dinner followed by an opening ceremony.

"Saturday is business day for Lions members," Mr Anderson said.

"(We will be) discussing Lions business, getting all the clubs voting on changes."

Each club will have four delegates who vote on behalf of their club.

They will discuss each club's goals and what each area needs.

"One of ours is mobile reception out here in the Boyne Valley," Mr Anderson said.

"We also talk about how we're going to raise funds."

There will also be some stalls with displays of organisations each club is working with and some guest speakers including Dr Tracey Bjorkman who will discuss her research into seizures.

If all of the business cannot be finished off on Saturday they will wrap it all up on Sunday before the remembrance ceremony.

"The ceremony is recognition for past member and partners," He said.

"We will be planting trees for a remembrance for 19 people from the region."

Members of the Ubobo Discovery Centre will be catering for the huge event. Mr Anderson said it would provide some great exposure for the beautiful Boyne Valley.


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