Halloween gains traction, but not all are happy

NATIONALISM still decides whether Gladstone people like Halloween or not.

Speaking to people on the street, it seems there are mixed feelings about the burgeoning spooky celebration, which is gaining traction in Australian suburbs.

>> Where to go trick or treating in Gladstone

This year's fright night will take place on Friday, with plenty of homes ready for a trail of trick or treaters.

But Danuta Mania doesn't see the point in it.

"It's a waste of money and time," she said.

The American tradition has crept its way into some peoples' hearts because of the lollies.

Cheyne Brooke said she would be going out on Halloween.

"Of course I will trick or treat, it's free candy," she said.

Tara Luck said she didn't celebrate Halloween because her parents wouldn't let her.

"It's a pagan ritual that surfaces a lot of safety concerns," she said.

Cher Warner doesn't like Halloween, saying it is an American tradition, and "we're celebrating it at the wrong time".

Andrew Bauer said, "It is an unnecessary Americanism, but we do give kids lollies if they come asking."

Those looking forward to the celebration included Stephanie Cook.

"I do like Halloween," she said. "Any reason to celebrate anything.

"I like to dress up, spooky things and scary movies."

Chantel Earl said she was going to dress up her son, but wouldn't be going anywhere.

"I don't like the idea of knocking on stranger's doors," she said.

Wendy Maroske is a fan.

"I think it's a lot of fun. I went to the US during Halloween and loved it."

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