We're a bunch of fatties with a quarter of nation obese

THE numbers are out and it seems we are a bunch of fatties.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Health Survey 2011-2013 has revealed parts of Central Queensland have some of Australia's highest obesity rates.

Only areas of western NSW have higher rates. Oh well, we'll get 'em before the next Origin.

Sorry, it is not a laughing matter. As a nation we are getting more round and it's costing lives, and a fortune with all sorts of associated disease rates skyrocketing.

More than 25% of all Australian adults are now considered obese. That's up from about 10 or 11% in 1989-1990.

The state's chief health officer Dr Jeanette Young said excess weight was the largest cause of ill health and early death in Queensland, causing 8.5% of the total health burden - even behind smoking at 7.2%.

There is talk of legislation to slow down the increasing Australian appetite for fast, sweet and fatty foods.

That seems extreme, as it is a personal choice thing. But we do have to start making better choices.

Exercise is important in any healthy lifestyle, but really your weight is determined by what you put in your mouth.

And the numbers are scary. It takes hours of exercise to burn off the simplest treat.

Don't eat it and you are much better off; have a nice nap instead. Yep, scientists are saying sometimes you are better off having a kip as opposed to eating all that rubbish and exercising madly.

And you can eat heaps if you choose the right things.

Try a fresh crunchy carrot instead of that biscuit, or maybe an apple or banana - just about anything raw is good.

Go for a walk when it's cool and a swim when it's not, then have an afternoon snooze. Maybe even a bit of afternoon delight before the snooze.

Have a splurge now and again, but make it the exception and not the norm.

I'll drink to that.

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