SINGING is the secret to a long and happy marriage according to loving Willowbank couple George and Ailsa Wells.

During their 60th wedding anniversary celebrations on Thursday, Mr Wells recounted the first time he and "the love of his life" met at choir practice in Brisbane.

"After choir I took her down for a drink and 11 months later we were married," he said.

"We've been singing duets together ever since. We still perform together."

Mrs Wells, now 89, said the first thing that struck her about her future husband was his jet-black hair, typical of a musician in the 1950s.

"He had long, black curly hair I remember," she said. "We do everything together, sing, laugh and instead of fighting we just get on.


"Communication is important. We've tried to be a caring couple and love each other."

Mrs Wells was originally from Rockhampton and travelled south to follow her dream of nursing.

She worked as an assistant nurse for six and a half years before starting their family and Mr Wells had an impressive 46-year-long career in Ipswich Railway.

During their marriage the couple raised three beautiful children in Ipswich and now boast six grandchildren.

"Our family lived at Hill St in North Ipswich," Mr Wells said.

"We had a lot of fun there. There were a lot of water fights in the yard and playing with the hose."

The pair now lives at Palm Meadows Home Village in Willowbank and celebrated their special day with a party attended by pals and Mayor Paul Pisasale.


"We enjoy living here. It's been about 14 years now," Mr Wells said.

"[Ailsa and I] are friends as well. It's been a happy marriage and we've had a lot of laughs."

The couple were married on August 29, 1955.

Holding hands with his wife of 60 years, 82-year-old Mr Wells looked into her eyes when he described their wedding day.

"We were married at Ipswich Adventist Church and I felt ok. I wasn't nervous," he said.

"She was so beautiful. I knew she was the one and she still is."

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