Relay for Life still going strong thanks to supporters

CAN I just say a huge thank you to everyone involved in this year's Gladstone Relay for Life?

This event has been going now for 10 years, and if this year's participant numbers are anything to go by, this fabulous event looks like it's got a really healthy future.

The numbers coming out of the head office on Sunday afternoon were in excess of $170,000 raised from this event and hopefully there may be more to come in the not so distant future.

All this money of course will go to fighting the stupid disease cancer and really driving a nail through its heart, so as not to damage and destroy so many people's lives.

To all the volunteers who helped organise the event, thank you. To those many who set up tents, stages, and decorations throughout Chanel College - thank you.

To those many wonderful people who came dressed in their Saturday night club best, thank you. For all those who wore purple throughout the 30 hours of walking the grass, thank you.

To those "ladies" who came dressed to anticipate crowning glory for the 2013 Miss Relay, thank you. You really have shown so many in the community how not to dress to impress the judge.

Normally there would have been two judges but I was left to tackle the viewing from one person's eyes, and may I say they are still burning.

How anyone can look that way is beyond me. Congratulations for giving it a red hot go guys, and raising money for a worthwhile cause, even if you had to get dressed up in drag to do it.

To those many who have asked why I haven't done it in the four years I've been back in Gladstone, well the answer really is no-one has asked me.

In all seriousness, well done to everyone involved including the school which helped with the use of its facilities.

Without your help this event would never be as successful. 

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