Jealousy leads to a fistful of woe for all concerned

I'M about to be punched and all my charm and endless Kung-Fu movies are not going to save me.

It was the "charm" that had placed me in my current dilemma. I was showcasing it on a girl who had neglected to tell me she was taken.

Probably something I should have asked her. Even as her pet Ape's punch slowly made its way towards my face, I couldn't help but think: "I think she likes me."

He, however, didn't. Mr Ape has jealousy issues. Jealousy that had been made worse in a town where the women are few and the men are plenty.

I can't blame him for being jealous. I get jealous too. I think we all do in different degrees, but why do we suffer from the green-eyed monster?

Jealousy stems from our past. Maybe mine comes from being a middle child.

Maybe Mr Ape's comes from being burnt too many times or an over-flirtatious girlfriend?

Either way, jealousy can consume us, and make our imagination run wild. It pushes us away from our partners by making him/her feel we don't trust them, when all we are doing is trying to hold on to what we value so much.

We all have different ways of handling the monster.

I have never been a puncher but I have been known to give a nasty stink eye or a few snide remarks.

I'm not sure what happened to that happy couple but I walked home alone that night.

On my way home, I realised I had learnt two things - always ask a girl if she is taken, and while jealousy affects us all, it is how we deal with it that matters.

It isn't easy but punching or the stink eye isn't the answer. We can only try to put aside our fears and talk to our partners.

In the end, we have no real control over our partner's choices.

Explaining to your Boo (without blame) about how their actions made you feel won't kill the green-eyed monster, but it will tame it and build trust between you.

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