George Bush has been accepted into the Australian Ballet School.
George Bush has been accepted into the Australian Ballet School.

A dance of opportunity

THE Gladstone dance community has reached out to the public for more opportunities in the region for budding young dancers and its prayers have been answered.

A young dancers company has been formed in the region to allow talented dancers and performers to pursue their career here rather than having to travel interstate.

It was formed after Gladstone dance companies saw a need for regional centres to not only participate in dance but be able to excel and do it locally.

Cindy Bush, one of the principal organisers of the dance company in Gladstone, said there is a wealth of talent here and the skills base of dancers needed to be nurtured.

“This academy will give children the opportunity to dance with professional instructors and dancers,” Ms Bush said.

The students involved in the newly-formed dance company will be working towards their first production of The Nutcracker, which is set to be performed in time for Christmas.

“The timing is right – it will be a theatre ballet and is set to be colourful and magical; something the public will enjoy,” Ms Bush said. Many children are involved for fun and fitness, but Ms Bush said there were a select few that had a real career in dance and those people were already following their dreams.

Talented youngster George Bush was one of nine students in Australia accepted into the Australian Ballet School and there are talented others yet to audition for the prestigious academy.

Dance teacher Wendy Barker said she knew what is was like growing up in Gladstone and having to travel overseas for a career in dance, and her main goal was to offer students everything they needed here.

“We want to establish an option here (in Gladstone). I grew up in Gladstone and had to leave when I was 12 to dance and I don’t want students to feel they have to leave if we can provide them an option locally,” Ms Barker said.

In the coming weeks The Observer will be following these young, talented dancers and their journey towards pursuing a career in dance and everything they achieve locally.

To keep up with the local dance scene you can watch out for upcoming issues of The Observer, which will feature news on how the students are fairing ahead of their first production, The Nutcracker.

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