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Scott Douglas loses appeal in cloak-and-dagger drug case

A CONVICTED drug offender who organised for half a kilogram of MDMA to be delivered to a Caloundra motel has lost his appeal.

Scott David Pelham Douglas, 29 at sentence, was sentenced in 2012 to 9.5 years jail with a six-year non-parole period for attempting to possess a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.

He had previously been sentenced in 2007 to four years and eight months jail with parole eligibility after 16 months for trafficking drugs.

The defence case for the imported drugs was that Douglas attempted to possess the parcel but did not know the drug was inside.

Justice John Muir dismissed all appeal grounds against conviction.

He said, if anything, the trial judge's summing up favoured Douglas when he limited knowledge of the parcel's contents to MDMA.

"As a general proposition, a person acting as (Douglas) did was more likely to know or believe the package he was at such pains and expense to take delivery of contained drugs rather than a particular drug," he said.

"(Douglas) paid $520 cash for six nights accommodation in a motel room he occupied for one night at most.

"When booking at the Anchorage under a false name, he avoided giving his address and attempted to give a false motor vehicle registration number.

"He did not go to the police station to collect his parcel after being told it where it was.

"At around the same time, he booked another room under a false name at the Watermark, which he did not use either.

"That booking was also made for the purpose of using the Watermark as an address to which a parcel could be delivered to him.

"Clearly (Douglas) believed that something that was both illegal and of very considerable value was being sent to him."

Justice Muir also dismissed suggestions the sentence was manifestly excessive.

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