Labor candidate arrested for wearing anti-government shirt

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THE Labor candidate for Mawgadge, Kirby Delauter, has been arrested under new terror laws banning anti-government shirts.

Ms Delauter was arrested outside her Charlie St campaign office for wearing a shirt saying "vote Labor".

Witnesses report it took 10 police vehicles and a dog squad to take Ms Delauter, who went peacefully and co-operated with officers.

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Queensland Police representative Stormab Tylung refused to give a specific comment but mentioned that an arrest had been made.

"I can't go into specific details but there has been an arrest made today under VLAD legislation outlawing attacks on the government. We take terror threats such as these very seriously," they said.

When asked by Frisky Business if they could clarify whether specific terror threats had been made, the representative made uncomfortable strangling noises and held up a picture of the standard Labor campaigning shirt.

Human rights campaigners have slammed the government from a secret bunker as far away from law enforcement as humanly possible.

The arrest comes the same week as the Labor party accidentally preselected an LNP candidate.

The mistake happened when party officials offered the candidacy to a local bank manager who offered to give them a third mortgage to fund state campaigning.

Labor representative Rob Aekid told Frisky Business "despite these setbacks, Labor is fully prepared for the 2012 election".

"We're demonstrating our environmental credentials by recycling old MPs as new candidates," he said.

"We've also hired our very first accountant. So, yeah, that's exciting."

Unions are protesting the arrest by failing to properly represent their members.


The main offices for Statewide Homeopaths In Training have relocated from their Dutton St premises to their new location in Narnia. 

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