Friends plan tribute to Rhian

FRIENDS have planned a candlelight vigil tonight for murder victim Rhian Elsmore.

Members of the community are invited to the Full Moon Fire Twirling Festival on Yeppoon’s Beachfront in her memory.

A friend said Rhian enjoyed these celebrations and loved fire twirling herself.

“We’d also love for people to bring candles … and show their love towards this amazing girl who was taken entirely too soon,” the friend wrote on social networking site Facebook yesterday morning.

Tributes for the Rockhampton 17-year-old have been flooding in since news of her tragic death broke on Monday.

A Facebook site titled ‘Help find Rhian Elsmore’, set up before her death was confirmed, now has more than 1400 members.

Hundreds have posted messages on the page – some friends and some strangers.

The friend organising the vigil tonight said it was about remembering Rhian.

The celebrations are from 7pm to 11pm.

The Full Moon Fire Twirling Festival is held at Yeppoon regularly and Rhian was a regular attendee.

Rhian had been described by her sister Tegan Timson as a “free spirit” and “individual”.

Rhian, on her MySpace page, described herself as “very enthusiastic at times and a little bit out of control”.

“I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos ... especially activity that seems to have no meaning,” she wrote. “I can’t remember half the stuff I say, or do, or write. Music makes me happy, like I should be. I love fire twirling, poi, and playing piano. I love winter, rain and lightning. Sleeping is overrated.” There were also four poems posted that she had written, a passion she enjoyed on occasion.

On Rhian’s boyfriend and accused killer Levi Hayes’ Facebook page yesterday were messages of both anger and support.

However, a family member posted that they would like people to stop posting publicly to the page and instead send a private message.

“Regardless of your thoughts and feelings, please respect not just Levi but family and friends,” the family member wrote.

A poem by Rhian Elsmore titled The Scorpions Sting

Suffocating under the opressive atmosphere of this vitated world

Intoxication, the only means of murdering the insanity of being sane

Merely a pawn in a obscure scheme, what is the intendment of our sentience?

Our dissolution from the macrocosm will only bring extirpation and pain

For too long we have been convulsed under the hands of those who would will it

And no longer shall I sit in fear of the moribund and decedant world around me

As torturous as the paroxysms of emotion are that plague me eternally

I will not yield until I distinguish myself and my meaning to be

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Police won't reveal how Rhian died

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