Alleged Kingpin gets adjournment for mental health reasons

MORE than three years after his arrest and on the day an alleged kingpin was listed to plead guilty to his involvement in a state-wide drug trafficking operation, his lawyers suggested he might not have been of sound mind.

Sunshine Coast man Daniel Sidney King was running a business catering to car enthusiasts at Kunda Park while allegedly running methylamphetamine as far north as Mackay when he was arrested in late 2010.

The Buderim man's Kunda Park business was turned upside down as drug detection dogs scoured the premises.

Defence barrister Carl Heaton told Brisbane Supreme Court that it became apparent during meetings in recent days "things were starting to unravel" for Mr King.

He said his client had a history of mental illness and was under treatment from a psychiatrist and psychologist.

Mr Heaton said Mr King, who was in the courtroom but "heavily medicated", had been unable to provide instructions to his lawyers.

He said he would file a Mental Health Court application today (Monday May5) to test the fitness of his ability to face his sentence and whether he was of sound mind during the offending.

Justice Peter Applegarth adjourned the sentence for review in early July and enlarged Mr King's bail.

But he told Mr King the Crown could apply to have his bail revoked given the way the case was now progressing.

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