A second flight of devastated families for Malaysia Airlines

FOR the second time this year Malaysia Airline authorities have had to contact the family members of passengers to inform them their loved ones will not be coming home.

The international community woke up to learn that another of the airline's planes had been thrust into the spotlight after MH17 was blasted out of the sky above Ukraine.

All 298 people on board were killed including 27 Australians.

Earlier this year, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, lost contact with air traffic control and is believed to have crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

The plane has yet to be located.

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The 239 people on board MH370, including seven Australians, are presumed dead.

The search for the missing MH370 plane sparked one of the biggest international recovery operation ever seen and has been called the most baffling aviation mysteries in history.

How our readers reacted to the MH17 disaster

Peta Hempsall: A terrible tragedy... thinking of all the families waiting on news of their loved ones....

Marian Johnson: This is just so tragic. My heart goes out to all the families of those that have perished. For a short while this morning, I thought that my brother and his wife were on that flight. But then I got a message from him saying he and his wife flew out of Paris by Malaysian Airlines 15 minutes prior to that flight from Amsterdam.

Nathan Walker: Rip to everyone that was on board not just the Australians

Darren Wilson: This should not be happening civilian plane not military feel very sorry for all the innocent lives lost and family hurt buy (sic) this

Tracie Eggleton Cowey: Such a shocking event.Thoughts with all families involved and of those from the still missing plane that this must reopen the grief.

Rhondda Scott: So sad. At least our prime minister is calling it "an unspeakable crime". Obama called it a "tragic accident. "

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 takes off from Schiphol airport near Amsterdam
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 takes off from Schiphol airport near Amsterdam



AIRLINE: Malaysia Airlines

FLIGHT NUMBER: MH17 and KLM codeshare KL4103

AIRCRAFT TYPE: Boeing 777- 200ER

DEPARTING: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Schiphol Airport at 12.15pm (local time)

ARRIVING: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 6.10am (local time)

DEATH TOLL: 298 including 27 Australians.

AUSTRALIAN VICTIMS: Queensland 9, Victoria 9, Western Australia 7, New South Wales 1 and Australian Capital Territory 1.


LAST RECORDED POSITION: Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

CRASH SITE: Grabovo, Ukraine.

CAUSE: BUK-type surface-to-air missile system.

PASSENGER NATIONALITIES: Dutch 154, Malaysian 43 (including 15 crew and 2 infants), Australian 27, Indonesian 12, British 9, and Belgian, French, German and Canadian citizens along with 41 unidentified nationalities.

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