NEW PLANS: The property developers have adjusted there plans to meet Federal Government requirements.
NEW PLANS: The property developers have adjusted there plans to meet Federal Government requirements.

Massive, exciting project expected to begin in 18 months

THE PROPERTY developer behind a $950 million Gladstone region resort hopes to begin construction in 18 months, he revealed today.

Speaking exclusively with The Observer, Hummock Hill Resort property developer John Kelly said he and his team from Pacificus Tourism Project will meet with the council's planning department this Friday.

"We're looking forward to working with the Gladstone Regional Council and taking this project forward," he said.

This month the Environmental Impact Statement for Hummock Hill Island Resort was approved, pending 27 recommendations.

Mr Kelly said it was another step in reinvigorating Gladstone's tourism market as well as bringing jobs.

The property developer said he accepted all 27 recommendations, and said he was keen to work with council to gain his final ticks for the $950 million project.


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Among the 27 recommendations, which the property developer said he accepted, was a slight downsize of the development site, omitting one of the two boat ramps and regulations around fishing and wildlife.

"The conditions aren't greatly different to what we had before, so we're happy to proceed with them," Mr Kelly said.

Now with State and Federal Government approval, Mr Kelly said it was time to work closely with the council before the project was given the final go-ahead.

"I think Gladstone deserves a boost in tourism," he said.


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"People like the GAPDL, with their cruise ship initiative, have a terrific drive for tourism, and we'd be very pleased to support that.

"At the base level it's dollars into the community and employment opportunities.

"It's also going to be a fantastic recreational destination for locals, there will be a wide range of water sports, golf, tennis, nature walks and educational programs."

Mr Kelly credited Gladstone's "great natural attributes" and said he hoped his project could be a catalyst for more resorts coming to the area.

"Gladstone is seen by a lot of the world as an industrial city, and while it has plenty of industry it doesn't deserve just that tag," he said.

Mr Kelly said the latest EIS was their second report to the Commonwealth after changes were recommended in June 2016.

Gladstone Regional Council planning and development committee chair Glenn Churchill confirmed he would be meeting with Mr Kelly this Friday.

Cr Churchill said the planning department would work through their "compliance requirements" with Mr Kelly and his team.

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