FILE PHOTO: Gladstone Courthouse.
FILE PHOTO: Gladstone Courthouse.

70-year-old's good deed ends in thousands of dollars of damage

FAY Hill was on a kind-hearted mission to help out a friend when she turned into the path of an oncoming utility outside her friend's property at Beecher and their vehicles collided.

The impact severely damaged her Toyota Camry and the Nissan ute. And 70 year-old Hill suffered a nasty gash to her head.

The other driver was not injured.

The court was told that Hill had been "doing a good deed” for the lady whose address she was turning into, bringing her food.

Hill was charged with driving without due care and attention on Dawson Hwy, Beecher, on Friday, September 2. And she pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said the accident took place at 6.50am when Hill was inbound on a 100km speed zone.

Hill was on a section of highway with an overtaking lane and had slowed down in the left lane, indicating she was turning right to enter the property.

The car behind her also slowed and Hill turned right and into the path of the ute, which was coming up behind her in the right overtaking lane.

Mr Reece said the ute driver braked heavily but collided with the front of her Camry. The ute stopped in an embankment.

The front right wheel of Hill's Camry was torn off the axle.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Hill later had her eyes checked in case there was an issue but the result was normal.

"She was turning into a property. It is an accident. She was doing a good deed,” he said.

Photos of the wrecks were tendered, with Hill saying her car received $14,000 damage.

Magistrate Melanie Ho said it was clearly an accident and it was fortunate there were no serious injuries.

She noted Hill was doing a good deed for a friend at the time. Hill was fined $500.

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