5 terrifying aircraft incidences in Gladstone

AFTER last night's incident where a Qantas Link was forced into a "holding position" over Gladstone because of a colony of bats, we have compiled a list of close calls and tragic incidences involving aircraft in Gladstone.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has fully investigated all of the incidences. 

Collision scare -- April 17, 2014

CREW of a bombardier DH-8 taxiing at Gladstone Airport before take-off had a close call with a landing plane.

The crew lost concentration and edged ahead of the waiting line, onto the runway where the other plane was due to land.

An investigation found that "the crew were not particularly familiar with Gladstone Airport, and even less familiar with [the] taxiways" at Gladstone airport.

"The incidents highlights the importance of careful attention to airfield markings during ground manoeuvring, especially when crew workload is elevated, and when a crew is unfamiliar with the airport layout," investigators said.

Engine fails at 1000ft -- August 12, 2010

PASSENGERS on flight VH-TZV had a terrifying experience when the plane's "engine lost power" over Gladstone after climbing to 1000ft.

The pilot, carrying passengers on a skydiving operation, opted for an emergency landing on a gravel road after failing to trigger the engine.

"The aircraft was significantly damaged and some of the occupants sustained serious injuries," investigators said.

Investigators also said the pilot needed to quickly "manage the failure and identify a suitable forced landing area", as they were at low-altitude.

Plane Crash at Golding Point in Gladstone.
Plane Crash at Golding Point in Gladstone.

Three dead in helicopter crash -- July 28, 1993

MOMENTS before a tragic event, a helicopter pilot sent out a "mayday" call, saying he would return to Gladstone after experiencing a "severe jolt".

The pilot made a final call moments later, saying they would ditch the helicopter near Facing Island.

But they wouldn't make it. The helicopter was found 5km north-east of Facing Island 24m under water.

The pilot along with a man and woman passengers' drowned, while one survived.   

'Bang!' at take-off -- September 7, 1993

THE helicopter pilot's routine safety checks before take-off showed no defects.

But when the pilot accelerated the engine for take-off, they heard a loud bang.

It was followed by a severe vibration before the throttle closed and the engine shut down.

An inspection by the pilot found a missing steel strip from the tail, which had caused a "serious imbalance of the tail rotor drive system".  

Inexperienced pilot lands hard -- December 7, 1987

A PILOT inexperienced in flying the model of plane approached the final stage of landing too fast with the nose raised too high.

While the pilot managed to steady the plane, the pilot "landed heavily" on the back wheel when they didn't correct the rate of decent.

Gears for the front wheel failed. 

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