PHOTOS: 300 tradies, businessmen in 'bid war' for tools

TRADIES, business owners, and farmers from across Australia have snapped up all 164 tool boxes on sale at Hassalls 'Knack Box Wars' auction on Saturday. 

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The tool boxes, measuring up at 1.7m tall by 1.2m wide, were either empty or pack-jammed full of pre-loved Bechtel tools.

Bidders had a two-minute time slot to hurry around the auction yard to inspect the boxes before the doors were shut.

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Hassalls general manager Steve Wall called the auction a "buyers day" as "nothing was expensive", with boxes selling from $250-$2200.  

"It was definitely a day for the buyers. It was interesting, some guys might've got one, others picked up two or three," he said.  

"Some boxes were empty, some boxes were absolutely chock-a-block full of tools.  

"But I think everyone who turned up to buy something, got something." 

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300 bidders were on-site, with Mr Walls saying one bidder had travelled from Tasmania to buy a "bunch of boxes" that he's now shipping back home.  

"Tasmanians don't see a lot of equipment that we see from Bechtel, so he's come to a couple now," he said.  

Mr Wall is now tallying up the money earned on 7-12 of the boxes, as Bechtel plans donate it to a charity in our region, and another in Rockhampton, which help sick kids.    

"They picked some of the better boxes to donate to charity too, they weren't the empty ones," Mr Wall said. 

The charities and the donations are yet to be revealed.

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