2016 the year of extreme weather

IT'S shaping up to be a year of extreme weather events.

Yesterday cars were submerged and 18 people were rescued during flash flooding in Geelong that damaged buildings.

The flooding came after a severe storm and heavy downpours in the area.  The storm them moved towards the Melbourne CBD.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) the 42.4mm of rain dumped in the afternoon thunderstorm was a one-in-50-year event.

The ABC reported that the State Emergency Service (SES) had received 486 calls since 4:45pm on Wednesday, mainly from people in Geelong.

"We've had 188 on the flooding side of things, and that will include cars stuck in water, flooding through homes, and that'll also include roofs leaking," the SES's Steve Cattell told the ABC.

This comes as Queensland is bracing for a supercell tomorrow and the BoM has issued a warning for the first tropical cyclone of the season which could hit WA on Friday.

The warnings are for the Pilbara and Kimberley areas.

The BoM said "gales may develop in coastal parts between Wallal and Dampier, including Port Hedland and Karratha during Friday afternoon or evening".

Depending on how far the system tracks to the east and west gales may develop as far east as Broome or as far west as Mardie late Friday or early Saturday.

Warnings detail heavy rainfall associated with the system which is likely to develop over the Pilbara and far western Kimberley from Friday and extend further inland as the system continues to track southwards on Saturday.

A flood watch has also been issued for the Pilbara more information can be found online


Read more at the ABC.

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