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$2000 punches fly over women at club

PUNCHES delivered by a Gladstone bull rider at popular nightclub MiePlace in the early hours were apparently the result of comments made about his alleged behaviour toward women.

Gladstone Magistrates Court heard Christopher Lambert struck the man a flurry of blows to his head and chest at 1.30am on Sunday, June 19.

Lambert, 29, pleaded guilty to assaults causing bodily harm. And his violent night out landed him a $2000 fine.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said there had been an argument between him and the man, who walked away from him back to friends.

Minutes later Lambert walked back to him and punched him in the head with a closed fist.

When the victim backed away Lambert delivered three punches to his face and chest, then an uppercut. Club patrons intervened.

Sergeant Stevens said ambulance paramedics treated the man and he went to the hospital later that day.

The man received a swollen lip, lacerations inside his mouth and his nose was heavily bleeding.

When Lambert was located by police he was too intoxicated to be interviewed and had "bloodied right knuckles".

Sgt Stevens said Lambert told officers that before the assaults the man argued with him about his treatment of females.

"It was a violent attack but fortunately there were no serious injuries," Sgt Stevens said.

Defence lawyer Kylie Devney said on the night Lambert's partner was approached by the man, telling her he had a video of him acting in an inappropriate way with women.

Ms Devney said the assault was not random but there had been "no big haymaker" strike.

She said his prior offences included "a nudey run, urinating in public ... all quite silly" but nothing similar.

"He woke up next morning full of regret that he slipped into his old ways," she said.

Ms Devney said the construction worker had been getting into professional bull riding and had moved away from drinking.

Magistrate Melanie Ho said it was fortunate the injuries were minor and alcohol was no excuse.

"I strongly recommend you get alcohol counselling. You have (prior) offences obviously alcohol related too," she said.

Lambert was fined $2000, the conviction recorded. He was banned from the MiePlace nightclub until September 2017.

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