Agnes former soldier ice 'drug mule' for dealer

A JUDGE has fined a former Australian Defence soldier $2000 after calling him a low-level drug mule.

Reuben Oakes, 29, was sentenced in Gladstone District Court after he pleaded guilty to supplying methylamphetamine at Agnes Water on February 14 last year.

Judge Greg Koppenol said police began a drug operation targeting drug offences in central Queensland that included telephone intercepts.

"The intercepts identified you as a low-level supplier," Judge Koppenol said.

"The intercepts revealed the plan for you to deliver methylamphetamine to a prescribed location. And you did that."


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>>Cocaine, ice, pills, drug cash lands $2000 fine

Judge Koppenol told Oakes he delivered the drug and was to receive $2000 but received only $1300. And a police search of his home later found drug paraphernalia.

"Your role was effectively as a middle man, a mule. You were asked to drop off methylamphetamine to an address and collect money," Judge Koppenol said.

"It was criminal behaviour and you would have known it was."

Judge Koppenol said he had a prior minor criminal history for producing and possession of cannabis and had previously been fined, with no conviction recorded (in the magistrates court).

His Honour noted Oakes' military service with the Australian Army and some tragic family circumstances that had affected him.

He found that the submission by his barrister, Tom Polley, for a sentence to probation and a fine was an appropriate course.

Oakes, from Captain Creek near Agnes Water, was told by Judge Koppenol that he must make an effort to get a job because if he again became involved with drugs he would likely go to jail.

Noting that he had been given two previous chances in the lower court, Judge Koppenol recorded the conviction.

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