One Nation's candidate for Flynn Sharon Lohse.
One Nation's candidate for Flynn Sharon Lohse. Contributed

20+ QUESTIONS: How One Nation's Sharon Lohse responded

Name: Sharon Lohse

Age: 50's

Suburb: Biggenden

What is your professional background?

I am a grazier and have founded a local Landcare Group, holding several key roles since its inception. I have served as project manager for two on-ground works for landholders in pasture and water quality projects as well as serving as a board member of Property Rights Australia.

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the region?

1. Coal industry preservation.

2. Low cost and reliable power.

3. Agricultural and Fishing Industry over-regulation.

And, what would you do to address these issues?

1. Resist all attempts to regulate and restrict coal production.

2. Advocate to the State Government to build reliable, fuel-based power generators that use fuels available in our region or in our Nation.

3. Resist all attempts to further regulate and restrict these industries. Striving to reduce regulation. Especially vegetation management regulations.

What made you interested in politics?

For twelve years I have battled with consecutive Governments over a compulsory grazing lease acquisition by Qld Parks and Wildlife of a large part of our grazing property. Then as drought has impacted our property, I was forced to take up full-time off-farm work. Everywhere I have been recently, Flynn enterprises are enduring drought and monumental regulatory bureaucracy. When every resource should be committed to preserving their enterprises, much of their time is taken in meeting regulations which also often prevent them from properly managing their land. Clearly, this needs to change, so I am standing for Parliament for the people of Flynn and the Industries they depend on.

What makes you the right candidate for the region?

My heritage, my enterprise and my extended family are in and of this region.

I am living through many of the important issues facing our region.

I have already worked to address some of these issues through lobbying and special interest groups.

I will bring a fresh and non-partisan perspective that is not controlled by partisan globalists.

I will strive to ensure that the concerns of the people of Flynn are heard in Canberra.

What should be done to ensure Queensland has reliable, affordable electricity?

Advocate to the State Government to build reliable, fuel-based power generators that use fuels available in our region or in our Nation.

The main generator stations in Flynn at Stanwell, Callide and Gladstone, including those at the QAL and RTA Yarwun plants are all clean coal or LNG powered plants. They are aging and aged but deliver low-cost and reliable power. And interconnect our Eastern power grids to better distribute power in times of need.

What do you think Canberra doesn't understand about the Flynn electorate?

Successive Federal Governments have been obsessed with globalist UN agenda's, including ideological social change. The people of Flynn want prosperity and societal harmony. We will decide where and how our society changes. The major multi-cultural and immigration issues that are boiling away are fuelled by Government policy and partisan identity politics. Policy needs to change to ensure more acceptable rates of change where infrastructure and societal norms can adjust to accommodate without introducing further harmful separatism in our society.

Do you think Adani's Carmichael Mine should go ahead?


It meets our arduous regulatory requirements.

It will be a major employer and royalties provider for Queensland.

What will you do to create jobs for the region, with or without Adani's mine?

Jobs come from prosperity, the success of enterprise. Governments can only create a limited range and quantity of jobs. Federal governments role is provide security and the regulatory environment for prosperity. The rest is up to the people. Government role in business is to maintain national security and the minimum necessary regulation.

What will you do to make a strong economy within the region and the state?

Low taxation, minimise bureaucratic processes, reduce regulatory restrictions, incentivise enterprise, decentralise government and keep it small. This is the proven path to prosperity.

How can we increase tourism in the region?

1. Tourism is largely dependant on the prosperity of visitor economies. So promotionally targeting visitors from more prosperous nations with advertising is essential.

2. Then the attractions need to be both affordable and of high standard.

3. Thirdly, access to the attractions needs to be reliable, affordable and internationally connected.

We already have world-class tourism destinations in coastal and off-shore regions.

More can be done to showcase our rural jewels.

Gladstone's resources sector provides a large amount of royalties to the state and federal governments. How will you ensure that money is returned to the region?

The only way to prise funds out of government coffers is to strongly advocate to government ministers for budgetary allocations. To do this effectively the cases presented need to be well researched, factual and compelling. A win-win for the government and for the region. Reducing Government waste and excessive bureaucracy will be an emphasis for me.

What should be done to address climate change, and protect the Great Barrier Reef?

This question has a false premise, that human activity caused climate change due to CO2 is an established truth when it is nothing more than a widely purported opinion, even after decades of detailed research. Climate models that have proven to be accurate do not support CO2 driven climate change. Just as drought impacts the land, so also the reef is devastated periodically by great natural forces that are far beyond our control.

Will emissions reduction targets affect the long-term viability of BSL and other energy-intensive businesses within the region? Why/Why not?

CO2 emissions are essential to the conduct of industry. They are NOT a pollutant. To limit their emission is to directly limit production.

The Observer's recent FutureCQ event revealed community leaders want to see investment to create better sporting facilities. What would you do to facilitate this?

The Commonwealth provides grants to develop and enhance communities. Each grant is assessed on its merits. I will advocate for and support the granting of funds to enhance community amenity and social interactions for this electorate.

Demographer Bernard Salt's analysis of ABS population data found an increase in youth leaving the region. What can the Federal Government do to encourage youth to stay, or encourage others to move to the Gladstone region?

Enhance opportunity for prosperity everywhere. Keep taxation low, minimise bureaucratic processes, incentivise enterprise, decentralise government and keep it small. The burdens imposed by central government through excessive taxation and regulation and central banks through failed monetary policy, all policies of globalism, cause economic downturn and result in the urban drift toward cities. Get these issues under control and prosperity will return, enabling youth to return to the region as industry prospers.

Mr Salt's analysis also found there will be an increase in seniors living in Gladstone. What can the Federal Government do to ensure Gladstone has the facilities an ageing population requires?

The Federal Government can ensure it funds enough beds in aged care facilities in the Gladstone area. This also includes sufficient hospital funding and the provision of specialist health services for the aged population.

What will you do to provide the region with more health services?

Firstly, listen to our health professionals and their clientele. Then advocate to the minister for the services that would benefit Flynn the most.

What do you plan to do about the ice problem in Central Queensland?

One Nation policy, in addition to existing education and policing efforts, is to build rehab facilities for addicted drug users to alleviate pressure on hospitals. Treatment funded through the seizure of assets and money from the proceeds of drug crimes. Life sentences for large illicit drug manufacturers and drug kingpins. Empower parents, with a judge's consent, to institutionalise drug addicted children (regardless of age) for treatment.

What should be done to make regional airfares more affordable, and to encourage airlines to add new flight routes to regional airports?

This is chasing an outcome without dealing with the underlying problems. Choice in service provision and affordability are both functions of prosperity. The less prosperous a market is the less choice there is and the more expensive services become. Prosperous competition is what is needed. Competition can be forced for a short while, but never for long. It is better for competition to arise from prosperity.

What is the most common misconception about you?

Perhaps, that I am a single-issue candidate because of my passion for rural issues. This is far from true, as those who have met me will attest. I have family in much of this electorate and I have worked in diverse industries. We are all potentially impacted by the rising regulatory threats to coal, power, agriculture and fishing. These issues are all connected by one theme, the globalist UN agenda's. I am a patriotic Australian. I firmly believe in a sovereign and free Australia.

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