UPDATE: Troyden up and walking after skin graft surgery


After undergoing skin graft surgery on January 4, 20-month-old Troyden Marks, is up and walking around despite suffering fourth degree burns on his foot.

Troyden was flown to Brisbane January 3 after stepping on hot fire coals left carelessly at Lilley's Beach on New Year's Eve.

Aunty Ashley Marks says if everything goes as expected he should be going home today.

"He's doing really well, so hopefully he can go home today" she said.

>> Toddler burns feet on leftover coals from NYE beach party

Doctors told the family it might be a while before he walks on his foot, but little Troyden was up and moving around this morning like he had something to prove.

"He can walk on his foot, which is great and doctors say it will help with his recovery.

"He's very happy and smiling, even making friends with other children in the hospital."

We will keep you updated on Troyden's recovery and process.


AFTER stepping on burning hot fire coals that had been left carelessly hidden under the sand at Lilley's Beach on New Year's Eve, 20-month-old Troyden Marks was taken to Gladstone Base Hospital and later flown to Brisbane for skin graft surgery.

While in surgery today, doctors had to cut away at the dead and blistered skin before using an artificial skin graft to repair his foot. Around 2pm Troyden was fast asleep in recovery.

AFTER stepping on burning hot fire coals that had been left carelessly hidden under the sand at Lilley's Beach on New Year's Eve, 13-month-old Troyden Marks was taken to Gladstone Base Hospital and later flown to Brisbane for skin graft surgery. Contributed.
AFTER stepping on burning hot fire coals that had been left carelessly hidden under the sand at Lilley's Beach on New Year's Eve, 13-month-old Troyden Marks was taken to Gladstone Base Hospital and later flown to Brisbane for skin graft surgery. Contributed.

Troyden's aunty Ashley Marks said they won't know Troyden's condition until he wakes up.

"The doctors can't really tell us anything until he is awake and responding," she said. "But he was awake after surgery and fell fast asleep, there's nothing we can do now but wait."

Ashley said she was just glad he was in good hands.

"The staff has been great, very understanding and helpful at a stressful time."

A Boyne resident Jacinta Burrows set up a GoFundMe account for the family and has so far raised $190.


Update 5.30pm

READERS will be happy to know that the boy who burnt his foot has left Gladstone Base Hospital is to be treated in Brisbane.

Once he arrives in Brisbane he will undergo surgery to repair his foot.

Doctors will firstly cut away at the dead and blistered skin before using an artificial skin graft to repair his foot.

In a stroke of good luck and with some tough negotiating by the boy's heavily pregnant mum, she was given permission to fly down to Brisbane with her son.

The boy's aunty said doctors expected to keep him under watch until the end of the week and that any money raised would go towards his recovery.

By all reports the boy was sound asleep with mother when he took to the air for the first time in his life.  


After reading this story, Boyne resident Jacinta Burrows has set up a Go Fund Me account for the family, so that the boy's mum is able to travel to Brisbane to be with her son. You can donate, here.

Fourth degree burns for boy who stepped on coat coals hidden in the sand. Contributed.
Fourth degree burns for boy who stepped on coat coals hidden in the sand. Contributed. Declan Cooley


A 20-MONTH old boy has fourth degree burns to his hand and foot after stepping and falling onto hot coals on Lilley's Beach at Boyne Island.

The fire was left to burn unchecked by another beach goer who went home after covering the fire with sand.

The boy's aunty said he had been playing on the beach with his mum on New Year's Eve when he stepped on the hidden inferno.

"My sister called me up at 4pm in hysterics saying [her son] had just walked on hot coals and that they were taking him to the hospital," she said.

"The whole time I was on the phone he was screaming."

Initially, she said her sister thought her son had stepped on something sharp but when they got closer and kicked the sand away they saw the hot coals smoldering.

A 13-month-old boy has been left with fourth degree burns after falling onto a fire someone left hot at Lilley's Beach.

Posted by The Observer on Saturday, January 2, 2016


"The coals were still red hot," she said.

"I can't believe someone would just leave a fire like that because if you just put sand on it, it will only get hotter.

"There were no rocks around it or anything to warn people," she said.

The boy will be flown to Brisbane this afternoon for further medical treatment because Gladstone Base Hospital is unable to deal with the seriousness of the 20-month old boy's injuries.

He has deep blisters on one foot and hand.

"They had to sedate him," the boy's aunty said.

"He wouldn't stop crying."

She said he always played outside and loved going to his grandparent's farm at Calliope.

"It's not fair," she said."He's only just started walking."

The boy's grandma will have to fly down with him to Brisbane because his mum is 34 weeks pregnant and is not allowed to fly in her condition.

In yet another wicked turn the boy's mum has recently lost her job and cannot afford to drive down to be with her baby boy.

The boy's aunty said her sister was not coping well with the situation.

How our readers reacted

Kelly Weaver Thats why you always tip water over it before leaving. You never now who will walk over it. Poor little bugger
Frank van Heerden But not everybody is smart .....
Narelle N Bob Young Feel so sorry for the little boy. Please make sure you put the fire out with water.
Darryl Branthwaite Poor wee fella.... So preventable with a bit of water on the fire to put it out
Brianna Sherrington Inconsiderate! If you go camping atleast have the common knowledge to be safe with fires! Poor little boy payed the price for someone elses stupidity, this is extremely painful and it doesnt heal quickly. I bet lilly beach will eventually be shut down because of the idiots that dont think about being safe for others. That goes for the dam broken glass people leave down there too!!!
Rhianna Kerr Why are people so retarded, its not like there is a water shortage at The Lillies! Poor little man... thoughts are with the mummah who has to be separated from him during this time...
Christine Heisner Some people have no brains!!!!!, poor little man
Jeanette Schwindt How many more times is this going to happen. Maybe there needs to be a warning put on the permits. maybe people need an induction by a ranger . Maybe it needs to be part of a school program
Sharnah Joy he is a tough little boy his great nan lives across the rd. and he is doing well. drs are awesome to the family also.
Tracey Hick Paola Salvador reminds me of Damien. Poor little babies

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