REVEALED: Which clubs grabbed a share of gambling funds

MP Glenn Butcher announced the 13 Gladstone community groups who will share in $235,687 of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.
MP Glenn Butcher announced the 13 Gladstone community groups who will share in $235,687 of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. Sarah Steger

MEMBER for Gladstone Glenn Butcher has announced a total of 13 Gladstone region community organisations will receive grants of up to $35,000 after a number of applications for funding were approved.

The grants comes from the Palaszczuk Government's Gambling Community Benefit Fund, which has four rounds of grants per year.

"People hear 'gambling funds' and wonder how that can help others ... but these small grants can certainly help clubs who need it," Mr Butcher said.

The recipient of the largest grant in the region was BITS Saints Australian Rules Football Club, which received a total of $35,000 to upgrade their amenities building.

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Mr Butcher said the round of grants provided a total of $235,687 for the region and was to be split up between 13 groups.

"This money is invaluable for them," Mr Butcher said.

The recipient of the smallest grant in the region was the Gladstone Rugby Football League Referee's Association, which received just over $3000 to purchase some equipment.

"It's money for jam for them ... all groups have things they need but usually don't ever have the finances for."

Mr Butcher said since the Gambling Community Benefit Fund was introduced, the Palaszczuk Government has delivered over $5 million in State Government grants to local not-for profit groups.

"Our clubs create a sense of belonging and connectedness within our community and supporting those organisations is one of the most important ways to grow community spirit."

Mr Butcher said he was overjoyed with the grants available to the community's organisations, but that more groups should be applying.

"It either gets put into the 'too hard basket' or people get discouraged if they fail on the first go," he said.

"A fair bit of work goes into the applications ... if you fail you should ring and ask why so you can re-apply.

Mr Butcher said to try and combat the struggles behind completing the applications, all local groups can attend a free grant writing workshop on July 13.

Starting at 6pm at CQU, the event will teach people how to complete their grants correctly.

"That's the secret ... getting it done properly," Mr Butcher said.

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