100 jobs: Gladstone Power Station's big overhaul plans in August

UPDATE: Two new rotors are being installed at the Gladstone Power Station, to replace equipment used since it was built in 1976.
UPDATE: Two new rotors are being installed at the Gladstone Power Station, to replace equipment used since it was built in 1976. NRG employee Mark Booth

MAJOR overhaul projects are under way at the Gladstone Power Station, including one project expected to create more than 100 jobs.

NRG and Rio Tinto, and other owners of Gladstone Power Station, have made a multi-million dollar investment to upgrade equipment used since it was built in 1976.


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Weighing in excess of 70 tonnes, driven by super-heated steam, two new rotors are being fitted by Gladstone Power Station workers.

The rotors, which spin at 3,000 rpm and drive a steam turbine generator will be used at the plant's Unit 2 generators, one of the original units built in 1976.

On top of the rotor work is a multi-million dollar maintenance overhaul of Unit 5 starting in late August. Maintenance and engineering manager Greg Mills said more than 100 additional local workers were needed for the 8-10 week long overhaul.


"These two huge maintenance programs show the commitment of Gladstone Power Station owners to the future of the power station, its employees and the Gladstone community," Mr Mills said.

"Wherever possible, we want to use local people and local contractor organisations for this work.

"This will add millions of dollars in wages to the local economy during the overhaul, as well as the additional town services needed to supply the work."

Acting general manager Nigel Warrington said the two new rotors for the Unit 2 upgrade were air-freighted to Gladstone from Germany. It's hoped the rotors will be fitted and ready to use by the end of August.

"This will secure the station's ability to continue to be a key employer in the Gladstone community and remain a vital, efficient and reliable part of the Queensland generation grid to 2029 and beyond," he said.

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